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Stating the obvious, our wooden bodyboards, bellyboards, paipo, handplanes and alaia begin with either a sheet of wood or a piece of wood, we buy nothing ‘ready made’ in, we laminate or shape everything we sell ourselves. And we make this statement because we feel it is important to know who makes your surfboard and where it has come from.
We believe that wooden bodyboards and bellyboards are more relevant today than they have ever been before. Why? Because foam poses a real threat to the Oceans, it is a major problem, study after study has shown that it is a substance that either never degrades or decomposes leaching harmful chemicals into sea harming marine life and ecosystems on a global scale.
Wooden bodyboards & bellyboards on the other hand are made from renewable resources, can be reshaped, recycled, and should you wish even composted. But ecological friendly credentials aside, they even surf great, we would argue better than foam.

Whether you are hurtling towards the beach in a wall of foam laughing your head off, or scoring some serious tube time in micro barrels not stand up board could find, you will discover that once removed from lying on a deadening cushion of foam the thin wooden bodyboard really allows you to feel the wave and delivers a far more rewarding and intimate surfing experience.

We started making wooden bellyboards, alaia, paipo, handplanes and wooden bodyboards because we loved surfing them ourselves, and its our hope that you will do both yourself and the Ocean a favour by choosing wood as your slide of choice.
Handmade Wooden Bellyboards and Bodyboards