The Traditional Surfing Co is a growing family run business based in West Cornwall. We individually hand make all our wooden bellyboards, bodyboards and handplanes, we silk screen print all our clothing and posters and we also produce an eclectic ever changing range of beach themed accessories and do-dads.

Our bellyboards are based upon a family tradition of making surfboards that dates back to the 1930's, and from the outset our goal was to seek inspiration from the classic alaia, paipo and bellyboards but bring these ancient forms of surfriding into the modern age with improved user friendliness, performance and indeed enjoyment.

Our belief is that bodyboards made from wood offer a serious and indeed sensible alternative to foam and polystyrene made bodyboards in that wood, by its very nature, is a renewable resource, is recyclable and even compostable. Not only that, we would argue that wood boards also out perform foam ones. Wooden boards catch waves with more ease, are faster and surf further.


Our aim from the outset was to deliver unbeatable quality, performance and value, and we stick to that. As a result the Traditional Surfing Co has grown rapidly to become recognised as the leading maker of bellyboards in the UK and we are confident to say that no-one equals our product. So if you are looking for an unrivalled and thoroughly fun surfing experience for the whole family you have definitely come to the right place.


The Traditional Surfing Co

TRADE SALES? If you would like to stock our products please Email us, we love to chat about new possibilities.

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