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We offer a unique handprinted custom graphic option on all
our wooden bodyboards and bellyboards.
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Here at The Traditional Surfing Co, the home of Cornish Bellyboarding, we make environmentally friendly, traditionally inspired, wooden bellyboards that are fun to surf, give longer more exhilarating rides than foam bodyboards and are the perfect surfboards for the whole family to enjoy.

We take our inspiration from the classic bellyboards that have been surfed on Cornish beaches from as far back as the early 1900s, and although a rare sight today they are highly sought after by a small number of dedicated enthusiasts who cherish them for the alternative surfing experience they offer.

Based upon a family tradition of bellyboard making that goes back to the 1930’s the bellyboards we make today are all individually crafted in our West Cornwall workshop. We take hand selected pieces of FSC certified wood stock, and laminate it ourselves in a custom made press to ensure our boards have the perfect amount of nose lift for the best possible surfing performance, Finally we hand screen-print the logos and finish the boards with a special waterproof satin finish that both protects the wood and enhances its natural beauty.

So not only do you get a board that is handmade here in West Cornwall from renewable resources, you also get something that become a part of the family and if treated with love and care can be passed down through the generations. Something you can surf, your children can surf and maybe even their kids too.